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Whats the process?

Step 1 

Call or email for a FREE no obligation estimate. 

937-717-6150 or 937-717-0184


Step 2 

Were typically able to take measurements using or Google Earth technology. If not we will schedule an in person estimate , you do not need to be available for the appointment so long as we can enter the proposed job site safely away from pets and permission is granted.

Step 3  

Scheduling your contract appointment. We can take in person measurements, verify footage and possibly see if any obstacles like shrubs ,brush or tee stumps may be in the way. A signed contract is the only & Deposit is the only way to be added to our installation schedule. Remaining balance is due upon completion.

Step 4  

 Once material is ordered and we receive the arrival date we can then schedule for install .  We will also contact OUPS to ensure any public utility's will not interfere with the worksite.

Deposits are non refundable. 

Step 5

Sit back relax , your yard is know under construction. Upon completion you will be asked to walk the fence line or take a look at repairs. Once you have verified the work you will sign a job completion form with our onsight foreman.

Step 6

Leave us a review! reviews are a great way to let our future customers and Midwest how were doing. We appreciate the customer taking time to help build our business reputation in the community we serve.

Whats wood price match?

Wood price match is available with a 10 day or less estimate from a competing company. Giving our customers the chance to receive a well custom-built fence at the fairest price. We don't want our customers sacrificing skills for the lowest price. 

* We do reserve the right to not rebid a project for various reasons contact our office for more details.

Do you offer warranty or financing?

Yes , we offer a 1 year warranty on labor of your fence.
No, At this time we do not offer financing but hope to do so in the very near future.

Permits? Property lines?

Every city , township is different with  fence regulations and ordinances. What works for 1 customer may not work for another 3 miles down the road. It is required in most areas to obtain a fence permit. Information can typically be found on your city's zoning website. It is the customers responsibility to obtain the permit required but we can help in the process. For copies of your drawing please contact our office at 937-717-6150 or email midwestfencellc@gmail.com

Property lines

Each city should have a property search available online that can be accessed with your name or address. That's a great place to start. hiring a surveyor is the best way to find out what's yours and what's your neighbors.

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